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Why Choose Up1on1?

We provide abundant American and Canadian teacher resources, making it safer and more effective for Chinese children studying in Up1on1, and removing worries for parents.

Customize Learning Plan

Up1on1 customizes your learning plan whether you are new to a foreign country and cannot adapt to foreign teaching model, or you are struggling with how to get rid of “F”, or maybe you are upset with how to raise GPA and prepare for the college entrance examination.

Say goodbye to low score

For poor students, Up1on1 provides one-on-one checking and evaluating, and help them make up for the lack of classroom learning and keep away from “F”

New environment adaptation

For freshmen studying abroad, Up1on1 helps them learn in advance and integrate into classroom learning quickly

Improve grades rapidly

For junior and senior students, Up1on1 helps them raise GPA and prepare for university application

Guide to further study

For students with strong self-motivation, Up1on1 provides more AP courses for them choose and helps them improve higher SAT scores to increase possibility to attend better universities.


Up1on1 provides us a platform to help Chinese overseas students solve academic problems and improve academic grades. It is more convenient and efficient.

About usMORE
Up1on1 founded in 2018, is a platform that provides overseas online tutor resources and 1 to1 online instruction for young Chinese students abroad. The founder of Up1on1 has been engaged in oversea study service for over a decade and she is one of the earliest professional overseas study counselors focusing on young overseas Chinese students. Under her help and guidance, hundreds of Chinese students have been enrolled into their desired schools oversea. She was aware that admission by a foreign school is just a starting point. What really matters are these students’ learning situations abroad. She has seen that many excellent Chinese students struggle for their study while facing culture shock and academic pressure after going abroad. The original intention of Up1on1 is to help these students adapt to teaching and learning style abroad quickly, improve their academic grades and enter into their desired colleges or universities finally...【MORE】
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